Taking a closer look at Evolution and NetEnt live Poker games

If you’re a regular player of online poker you have likely heard about these brands! Netent live poker and Evolution live games are two househould names for those who enjoy a bit of live poker casino from the comfort of their own personal computers. If you’re looking for the most advanced and popular live casino games available on earth, you can’t go wrong with their available titles.

But what exactly is so unique and special about Netent live poker and evolution live games, that draws the attention of millions of online poker enthusiasts? In case you’re like to see an overview of their available live poker casino offering as well as other strong aspects about these reputable providers, this article will bring you up to speed. Read on and start playing the very best online poker games out there!

What’s so unique and exciting about Netent live poker?

For a long time, Netent live poker managed to stand proudly as one of the leading provider of online casino entertainment, period. While this software house made a name developing online casino and poker games, it was arguably once they fully embraced and pioneered the groundbreaking concept of like casino games that they really managed to secure a leading position in the industry.

Netent has been working very hard to provide a live poker casino experience that feels as close as possible to sitting in a real casino interacting with an actual dealer. To this effect, they introduced the concept of live casino games, a truly innovative formula that is now quickly becoming the standard for online casino games.

This kind of entertainment actually relies on real footage of a human dealer which is shot on specialized studios with proper certification; the live footage is then overlaid with virtual elements that allow for nearly unlimited players to connect separately and enjoy a real casino experience. Live casino games feel more realistic and exciting compared to just watching a computer program generate numbers, and Netent has been gradually finding really effective and fun ways to create live dealer versions of all the tried and true casino classics.

Netent live poker games are often found in the parlor of most online casinos these days, and they are very enjoyable and realistic – the game experience is very smooth and you don’t necessarily need a super internet connection to be able to enjoy fluid and lifelike video quality.

Evolution live games are among the most widely favorite online poker rooms

Evolution gaming is a comparatively newer developer that only started producing games after the online live casino revolution was underway. As such, they never dabbled with conventional online casino titles, but rather always focused on live poker casino and several other casino games. In a way, they took the formula developed by Netnet, ran with it, and arguably improved on it.

Make no mistake: whether you choose to play live poker casino through Netent live poker or Evolution live games, you will be enjoying the most technologically advanced live casino games available on the Internet. Both platforms offer highly polished titles with great design and a well-done casino atmosphere; ultimately, most players choose their provided by a matter of personal taste and aesthetics.

Both developers clearly put a lot of time and resources into developing the very best casino related attractions on the Internet, but there’s something to be said about Evolution live games: while they did not originally envision the concept of live casino games, they seem absolutely determined to improve on it. This is something that shows through in their ever-increasing line up of casino games, now featuring four different games of poker, as well as live roulette, live baccarat, live blackjack and live dream catcher.

Evolution gaming seems fiercely determined to find a balanced formula for adapting essentially all popular types of online casino games into a live format. They put a lot of energy into refining the entire live experience, and you cannot help but notice how their live dealers look particularly professional, and the entire video streaming looks very high quality with solid production values back to back.

They have amazing attention to details, and that’s what sets their games apart from the rest and makes players want to keep coming back for more. Evolution gaming has also introduced a fantastic looking 3D view that makes you feel like you’re looking at your very own exclusive dealer even in games like Blackjack where the same video feed is shared by thousands of players.