Are Spin And Go Tournaments Worth Playing? Not Really

If you opt for more fun and action then its high time you learned all about the spin and go tournaments. These jackpot tournaments were introduced in 2004 and have since received a huge following. Even though it is so popular, not so many players are acquainted with the strategies of playing and winning. This text takes you through some of the Spin & Go tips for winning the tournaments in the UK online poker sites. Once you get a clear understanding of the tournaments and the strategies of the game, you will be able to decide if they are worth your time.

The Format

Only three players are allowed for every Spin & Go each of them starting with 500 chips while the blinds grow every 3 minutes. The prize pool is usually disclosed by the buy-in multiplier before the game begins. No deals are allowed between the players and, as a rule, the winner takes all. Basically, it is important to gain experience playing short-handed in the late stages of the tournaments or in cash games for you to get better at this format. The following spin & go spin tips can help you build a concrete strategy.

Stack Building

The important tip here is that you should always build your stack early. Most beginners are not motivated to take action in the first levels and just wait for a good hand. You should note that within the 3-minute blinds, you only have 25bb so when you get a decent stack, you might get a chance for only a few sizable blinds left in your stack. You should not open your range at 100%, just control your aggression more so from the small blind and the button.

During the early stages, try to know whats going on in the game. The information you will need includes knowing if players are defending the blinds properly, if all your button raises are getting through, determining whether your opponents seem to be weak among others. The moment you know how your opponents are like you will be able to determine the level of aggressiveness you need and also tune your opening ranges correspondingly.

Calling Tips

Spin and Go tournaments have shallow stacks, therefore, it is of little benefit to call an open raise. In the first level, your calling range should only be from the big blind due to the 25bb play in the first level. Calling raises fro the small blinds will keep you out of position each time and you will find it hard to notice the full value of your hand at the post-flop. Generally, more hands added to the 3-bet jamming range is way more productive than calling. This range is adjustable in accordance to the opponent that opens from the bottom and is also applicable to the big blind.

Size of the Raise

It is important to maintain your stack at all times when playing Spin & Go tournaments. This means that you should always minimise your raises any time you are opening from the bottom because you will be having nothing invested in the pot hence risking the smallest amount of your stack. Once you have a substantial amount of the big blind you`ll have a reason to struggle for the pot while trying to win the hand. At this point, you should not min-raise since your opponent will have the advantage to call and play in position. It is also important to be shorter so that you begin to open the shove at the small blind hence making raise sizing easy.

The Math

The ultimate strategy for mastering and winning these tournaments involves the math. The most important things you need to learn include variance and how to calculate the rake. You also need to know the much you need to win to be a winning player or be at breakeven, know the odds required to hit a specific type of Spin & Go, and finally know the much your results need to hit the highest tiers during the spin-phase.