Free online poker tournaments and how to beat them

As the online gambling industry continues to grow and expand, more and more players are joining online casinos and the data received so far seems to indicate the poker is among the most frequently played game among all the casino games. This, on its own, is hardly surprising considering the fact that the game of poker has been played for generations over more than two centuries. However, the fact that most gamblers prefer to play the game online indicates that there must be something special among the online poker versions that is not available in the regular table poker rooms. And there is- poker free rolls.

What are poker freerolls?

Also referred to at times as freeroll poker, online poker freerolls are online poker games that allow gamblers to join and play in online poker rooms for free. In freeroll poker the players do not have to stake any of their own money. The stakes are raised in the form of virtual coin stacks but yet the winners of the freeroll poker games still get to take home real money. This is perhaps the biggest reason why the poker freerolls have become so popular among poker players and fans of the game.

Poker freerolls are usually arranged in the form of online free poker tournaments in which several players take part. The rules for playing in the free online poker tournaments still remain the same as those applied in playing poker at a brick and mortar casino except for the fact that no real money has to be raised as stakes or blinds in order to be able to play.

Requirements for playing in free online poker tournaments

The idea of having the chance to win some good cash while having fun in the process without having to use any of your own cash can be extremely tempting and that explains why the number of people signing up to play in free poker tournaments seems to increase by the day. However, it is important to note that not all players qualify to participate in these tournaments.

Free online poker tournaments make a great way to master your poker skills especially if you are new to the game. You might already know a few poker freeroll tips but remember, as they say, “It takes a moment to learn poker but a lifetime to master it”. By playing in online free poker tournaments you get the chance to experience the game in real life scenarios and participate actively in the same without having to risk any of your cash. But, on the flipside, casinos are not in the business of making losses so if you are thinking of playing in one of the tournaments don’t start expecting free lunch yet.

Most online casinos usually have some prescribed thresholds that gamblers must meet or exceed before they can participate in poker freerolls. At the very basic, almost all online casinos will require that you first signup by completing a registration form before you can be granted access to play the game. Majority of them will also require that you make a certain deposit into your account first. In such cases the bonus may be money that has come from your account but you are under no obligation to raise it as a stakes since real money is not used when playing poker freerolls.

Where to play poker freerolls

Many online casinos use free online poker tournaments as a way to draw new players and get them hooked to the game so that they can later easily be transferred into high paying customers. It is better and safer to try and avoid playing the game in such places. Identifying them is easy- they are the kinds of sites that will ask for a lot of unnecessary financial information and large initial deposits before allowing you access to their ‘free’ online poker rooms and tournaments. Another way to identify the right online casinos for the game is by reading reviews and testimonials written by other gamblers like yourself who have actually been there. Stick to independent reviews and testimonials posted on sites that are not linked to the online casino you want to play in. This is because many poker online casinos have the habit of writing their own reviews and testimonials then trying to pass them off as genuine reviews from real customers. An even better solution to this problem would be to turn to friends and relatives who gamble online so that they can refer you to the online casinos that they deem to be the best.